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Car Parts Pricing

+ amounts for Core Included
ABS Pump$50Brake Prop Valve$5
ABS Sensor$30Brake Drum$7.50
AC Compressor$40 + $5Brake Rotar$7.50
A/C Condensor$20 + $5Brush Guard$50
A/C Hose$10Bumper Skin$35
A/C Tensioner$15Bumper$50
A/C Vent$10Bumper Rebar$25
A/C Dryer$15Bumper Frnt Lexus$75
A/C Idler Pulley$15 + $5Bumper Rear Lexus$75
Acceleration Cable$15Cam Shaft Sensor$20
Air Bag - Dash$50Cam Shaft$25
Air Bag - Steering$50Cam Shaft Pulley$15
Air Box$15Carbuerator$25
Air Box Tube$15Carpet$20
Air Flow Meter$35Carpet - Van$35
Alternator$20 + $5Center Cap$5
Alternator Brkt$20Center Post$25
Alternator Pulley$15Cigar Lighter$3
Antenna-Elec$25Climate Control$25
Ash Tray$5Clutch$30
Axle Front$20 + $5Clutch Master Cylinder$10
Balance Belt$15Coil$20
Balancer Crank Pulley$25Complete Rear Disc Brake$150
Battery$20 + $10Condensor$20
Bb Tensioner$10Core Support$35
Belt Tensioner$15Computer-Engine$50 + $5
Bed Liner$15Console$20
Block$125 + $25Cooling Resovoir$10
Blower Motor$20 + $10Cover Wheel$3
Brake Booster$20Crank Pulley$25
Brake Bracket$5Crank Shaft$40
Brake Caliper$10Cross Member$40
Brake Computer$20Cruise Control Switch$25
Brake Lt Hight Mount$10Cv Joint$20 + $5
Brake Pedal$20Cylinder Head$125 + $25
Brake M/ Cylinder$15 + $5Dash$50
Dash Pad$15Fan Clutch$25
Differential$85 + $25Fan$20
Dimmer Switch$5Fan Shroud$10
Disc Brakes$15Fender - Car$20
Distributor - Shell$40 + $5Fender - Truck$25
Distributor Cap$5Fender - Inner$15
Distributor Wire$4Fender Flare$5
Dip Stick$5Floor Mat$5
Dome Light$10Flywheel$25
Dome Light Switch$10Fog Lamp$15
Door Complete$100Fuel Hose$20
Door Computer$20Fuel Injector$15
Door Handle - Inside$10Fuel Pressure Reg$15
Door Handle - Outside$15Fuel Pump - Elec$25
Door Hinge$15Fuel Pump - Mechanic$10
Door Molding$10Fuel Sending Unit$20
Door Panel - No Switch$15Fuel Tank$25
Door Post$50Fuse$2
Door Shell - Car$60Fuse Box$20
Door Shell - Truck$75Fuse Box Cover$5
Door Switch - Main$25Glass-Back Car$50
Door Switch - Reg$10Glass Back Truck$25
Dummy Water Pump$45Glass Door$20
Drvie Shaft$40Glass Quarter Glass$20
Egr Valve$25Glass Top$55
Emergency Brakes$20Glove Box$10
Engine Block$125 + $25Grill - Car$15
Engine - 4 Cyl$250 + $50Grill - Truck$25
Engine - 6,8 Cyl$300 + $50Hardtop$75
Engine Wire Harness$50Harmonic Balancer$20
Engine - Lexus V-8$500 + $50Head$75 + $25
Exhaust Complete$50Header Pipe - 1 Pc$25
Exhaust Manifold$20Header Pipe - 2 Pc$50
Fan Assembly$40Headlamp$25
Fan Blade$10Headlamp Switch$20
Fan Bracket$35Headliner$25
Heater Core$20 + $5Pwr Steering Pump$20
Heater Hose$5Pwr Steering Pulley$20
Hitch$20Pwr Steering Resoivor$10
Hood Aluminum$75Quarter Glass$20
Hood Truck$45Rack And Pinion$40 + $5
Hood Lexus$50Radiator$25 + $5
Hood Hinge$20Radiator - Copper$35 + $15
Hood Prop$5Radiator Core Supt$35
Hub Cap$3Radiator Overflow$10
Igniton Switch$25Radio$15
Idler Air Cntrl Valve$20Radio W/Cd$25
Idle Arm$10Pumpkin$125 + $25
Injector$15Rear End$125 + $25
Ignitor$35Receiver Drive$5
Ignit Switch Wire$20Relay$6
Inner Fender$5Relay - Main$15
Inst. Cluster Elect$25Rocker Arm$25
Inst. Cluster Lexus$75Rocker Panel - Cut$50
Inst Clust Bezel$35Rocker Panel Suv$75
Intake Manifold$25Rotars No Bearing$5
Jack$15Rotars W/Bearings$25
Leaf Spring$25Running Boards$25
Lwr Control Arm$25Seat Belt - Lower$20
Lug Nuts$2Seat Belt - Upper $10
Map Sensor$20Seat - Bench$35
Mirror - Rearview$5Seat - Bucket$25
Mirros - Side$20Seat - Leather$50
Motor Mount$15Shifter$20
Mud Flap$10Shifter Cable$20
Muffler$25Shifter Linkage$15
Neutral Safe Switch$40Spare Donut Tire$10
Oil Pan - St$20Shifter Solenoid$20
Oil Pan - Alum$50Side Marker Light$10
Oil Pump$40Speaker - Each$5
Pedal$20Speed Sensor$20
Pedal Assembly$40Speedometer$25
Speed Cable$10Tow Hitch$20
Spindle - Car$25Tow Hitch W/Arms$35
Spindle - Truck$35Tps$20
Spoiler$25Trailing Arm$20
Starter$20 + $5Transfer Case$200 + $25
Stabilzer Bar$10Transmission$225 + $25
Steering Wheel$15Transmission 4X4$325 + $25
Steeing Column$75Transmission Mount$15
Steering Column Cvr$10Trans Solenoid$20
Steer Column Switch$25Truck Bed$150
Steering Gear Box$45Trunk$25
Steering Resovoir$15Trunk Suv$75
Stut W/ Spindle$40Turn Sig Light Bumper$10
Sunroof - Assembly$55Upper Ctrl Arm$25
Sunroof Glass And Top$40Valve Cover - Alum$25
Sway Bar$10Valve Cover - Steel$15
Tail Gate$50Water Pump Dummy$45
Tail Light$20Weatherstrip$10
Tag Light$3Wheel - Car Steel$15
Temp Control$25Wheel Bearing$25
Thermostat Cover$10Wheel Aluminum$35
Thermostat Housing$20Wheel Steel Truck$25
Tail Gate Handle$15Wheel Cyclinder$5
Timing Belt$10Window Crank$5
T/Belt Cover$10Window Reg/ Motor$35
T/Belt Cover - Alum$45 + $5Window Reg/ No Motor$15
T/Belt Tensioner$10Windshield$35
Throttle Body$30 + $5Windshield - Lexus$60
Throttle Cable$5Wiper Arm$5
Tie Rod$7.50Wiper Motor$20
Timing Chain$25Wiper Transmission$20
Timing Gear$15Wire Harness - Dash$40
Tires - Cars$15 - $25Wire Harness - Engine$25
Tires - Trucks$25 - $35W/S Washer Botle$10
Tool Box Metal$40────────────
Tool Box Alum$40────────────